Hi and welcome to Rescuedbox.

My name is Malvina, the Founder of Rescuedbox and this is our journey. I started Rescuedbox with a vision of how food should be – fresh and local. Over the years I became more and more concerned about our environment and have resolved in changing everyday habits in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint and waste on this planet.

My love for travelling has also contributed to my growing concern over waste and climate change. Having lived in China, one of the epicentres of carbon emissions, I realised that we are not doing enough to save our planet and frankly nobody is educating citizens on how to reduce their waste, say no to plastic and find alternatives towards achieving a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle.

So how did I come up with Rescuedbox? During lockdown in London, like everyone else I became obsessed with cooking, mostly vegan meals, and I came across a subscription based company delivering the so-called ugly fruits and veggies. These ugly but fresh fruits and veggies that were destined to end up in landfills, became my best friends and I spent most of the time in the kitchen with my flatmates coming up with new and exciting meals. But it didn’t stop there, I started looking into waste in Cyprus and I was appalled to find how much food we waste in general and of that around 4,000 tonnes were produce waste. Fruits and veggies that were too big, too small, too ugly to meet the cosmetic and aesthetic requirements of the supermarkets or simply too many and end up in our landfills to rot.

My goal is to create a community with like minded people who share the same values and strive to make Cyprus a more sustainable and greener place. It is shocking to know that Cyprus ranks really high up on food waste along with the big guys in Europe and for the size of our country we simply need to do better! Join me in this fight and become a Rescuedbox Warrior today.