Our mission is to tackle food waste and become part of the solution. We aim to do that by rescuing 500 tones by 2025.


We work closely with the local farmers’ cooperatives to deliver only the freshest produce to your door. All of the farmers are certified and use approved biological pesticides as per the EU directives.


From our recyclable boxes to the recyclable tape we use to wrap them, we do our best to avoid plastic*. Each week we optimise our delivery routes away from traffic to reduce our carbon footprint.

*(Unless already packed by our suppliers in recyclable plastic)


Our Rescued Warriors are brave and want to fight produce waste with us. Our objective is to deliver quality and fresh produce to your door whilst maintaining excellent customer service and safety measures.

COVID19 measures: Customer and farmer’s health comes first, that’s why all produce handpicked is packed straight to your box following strict hygiene rules. That way, you don’t have to worry about others picking & selecting fruits and veggies at the supermarket anymore – we do it for you safely!


We donate 10% of our rescued boxes to charity every week in order to fight hunger in Cyprus whilst reducing waste.


We aim to create strong partnerships with like minded local organisations to help us spread the message of food waste in general and healthy eating habits, to all households and schools in Cyprus.